Sustainability in Prisons Project


Sustainability in Prisons project


I worked with Sustainability in Prisons Project for 10 weeks in 2016 photographing environmental programs in Washington State Prisons. The opportunity granted me access to 10 of Washington State's 12 prisons. The experience provided me with a rare opportunity to photograph incarcerated individuals and corrections staff, ultimately leading to a wide variety of subjects, settings, and moods. 

The goal of this series is to capture the human element of incarcerated individuals, an element too often unseen.




Airway Heights Corrections Center




Coyote Ridge Corrections Center




Larch Corrections Center




Monroe Correctional Complex




Olympic Correction Center




Shotwell's Landing Nursery

(supported by a prairie conservation crew from Cedar Creek Corrections Center (CCCC) 




Stafford Creek Corrections Center




Washington State Penitentiary




Washington Corrections Center for Women




Cedar Creek Corrections Center




Washington Corrections Center